Panhard Photo Contest 2020

1891-2021: 130 years of Panhard et Levassor

Choose your best photos with a Panhard motor car on it and join the Panhard Photo Contest 2020 of the Dutch Panhard Car Club!

The Dutch Panhard Car Club organises a photo contest, that is open to all who have a crush for the Doyenne de l’avant garde of car manufacturers, that will celebrate its 130th anniversary in 2021.

It is easy: Select one of more well composed photos that prove that a Panhard car (not necessarily your own) fits well/shines/fades away in the world around of nowadays, en send this/these to us.

The photos have to apply to the criterion ‘Panhard in today’s world’, which means:

  • a Panhard motor car (prewar of postwar) is well recognisable;
  • the photo(s) is (are) clearly made in today’s world, say after the year 2000.

Submissions of photos that have been processed with Photoshop (e.d.) are admiited explicitly.

See below some examples of the kind of photos that we have in mind:


  •  Participation is open to everybody, also when you are not a member of a Panhard Car Club and even when you are not (yet) the proud owner of a Panhard.
  • Send you photos ultimately on July 15th 2020. The photos have to be in any digital format (jpg, eps., heic, png enz.) and send to: Bart Verbrugge:
  • The jury has four members: Bart Verbrugge (chair of the jury), Joannes Collette (former chair of the Dutch Panhard Car Club), Peter Drijver (Vice President of the Fédération des Clubs Panhard) and François Piette (Amicale Panhard Belgique).
  • The contributor gives the Panharhardclub Nederland permission to use / publish the submitted photos for its own purposes.
  • These are the prices for the first, second and third winners: three, two and one boxes with bottles of Panhard wine, with bespoke wine label specially designed by Ries Kruidenier our webmaster. He assures us that it is a French wine…. But more importantly: eternal fame for the winners, because the winning photos will be published on the Panhard Calender 2021 and/or upcoming issues of the Panhard Koerier magazine of the Dutch Panhard Car Club.
  • Additionallly the ten best photos will be exhibited in the collective stands of the Federation des Clubs Panhard et Levassor at the Rétromobile Paris 2021, Citromobile 2021, RIPL Mulhouse 2021 and Epoqu’auto Lyon 2021.

Panhard Automobielclub Nederland